“I came to Abbey in the midst of a two-year battle with Amenorrhea during which an endocrinologist told me that I might be infertile.  After a very thorough and compassionate diet/lifestyle examination, Abbey gave me realistic and effective tips to support my body’s own hormone production.  Within months, my (natural) cycle returned!  I am immensely grateful for her no-BS but immensely kind approach.  I would not have been able to regain my menstrual health without her, and to this day she continues to be my sounding board for all health questions!”

 “I am so crazy impressed! I’m almost 40 years old and have been in counselling since I was 14 years old for disordered eating and no one has helped me as much as you, thank you!”

“I have taken your recommendations seriously, and have lost 20 pounds so far.” – Results based off of following dietary + lifestyle recommendations over the course of 2 months.