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The health and wellness space is filled with contradicting and ever changing advice and diet labels. It can feel noisy, overwhelming, and just discouraging to navigate. Health is often over complicated, when the simplest changes can provide the biggest results. I believe that health is all encompassing, from what we eat, to what we think, and what we put on our bodies. We are the sum of our habits.

Enjoyment surrounding food is just as crucial as the foods we are eating. Diet labels are everywhere and in many cases they can cause more harm than good, as they often can encourage disordered eating habits. My goal is to help you learn to fuel your body and learn to listen to your body. By tapping into your intuition, you’ll learn what works best in your body, and stop obsessing. Change is sustainable when we have a balanced approach. There is and should be room in your for all your favourite foods in your diet, and I can help you get to that place.

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