Why I Chose Doterra Essential Oils

Why I Chose Doterra Essential Oils

The essential oil industry is constantly growing, and it isn’t regulated. Learn why I chose doterra essential oils. Quality, safety, and transparency matter when it comes to essential oils.

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First off, please know that I am sharing my opinions as a loyal customer, I am not building a business with dōTERRA.

To get it out of the way, I am very aware that this topic can get a little heated. There seems to be a bit of a war between consultants of the two largest essential oil companies, and I don’t get it. This goes for any topic; if you find yourself getting defensive and upset over someone else sharing their opinion, I urge you to dig into why that is. A differing opinion should not be felt as a threat. If your goal is to support yours and your families health through high quality essential oils, that is great! Do your research, and choose a company you align with!

In this post I am sharing my opinion based on the research I have done and experience I have had. There are so many layers as to why I chose doterra essential oils almost 6 years ago. I am not someone that goes into decisions lightly when it comes to my health. Whether it is personal care products, the food I buy, or stores I support, they need to align with my values. That is to say, transparency is a non-negotiable for me.

What You Need To Know About The Essential Oil Industry

Let’s start off with a bit of background information. The essential oil industry is very under regulated. Any bottle of oil can be labeled 100% pure, however that rarely means it is. More often than not, there are going to be fillers and fragrance. I am guessing fragrance is something you are trying to avoid when choosing natural options for your family. According to the APRC, about 80% of commercially available essential oils are adulterated.

This is why it is so imperative to not purchase essential oils from the drug store, amazon or the like. Find a company that is transparent and willing to share testing information. Do your research so you can feel confident in your decision.

The Heart Of The Company & It’s Founders

Doterra was founded in 2008. The company is not backed by any outside investors; it was funded 100% by the founders of the company, even when that meant taking out second mortgages and going without pay. As a result, they would have 100% control. The heart of this company is largely why I initially chose these oils.

Giving is at doterra’s core. The companies non-profit organization, Healing Hands, is making big impact. You have the option to donate to Healing Hands with each order. Certain products have all the proceeds go towards Healing Hands, such as the Hope Touch Roller and the Rose Hand Lotion. Healing Hands has been a long time supporter of Operation Underground Railroad, which is an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking in many countries. Tim Ballard, founder of O.U.R. is a true hero doing incredible work.

The Quality Can’t Be Beat

The quality can’t be beat. Doterra has created the standard Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Every single batch of oils, down to the litre, are third party tested in verified labs to ensure that the oils that you bring into your home are of the highest quality, and truly pure.

Testing takes place throughout the entire process, from the monitoring of soil quality to ensuring there are no adulterants in every litre of oil. If an oil does not pass testing at any stage, that batch is rejected. There is no removal process for a batch of oils that may be contaminated with pesticides or foreign matter. Each bottle you get is truly pure – nothing added and nothing removed.

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Access To Lab Test Results

I can confidently say that I have yet to see an essential oil company with the level of transparency that doterra offers. Above all, it is important to me to have access to lab test results. Doterra doesn’t expect the customer to take their word for it, they show it.

Every single bottle of oils has a Quality ID on the bottom of the bottle. You can take this to the Source To You website to view the test results. This is what transparency looks like. Many other companies either test in house and/or say they third party test. However, when you request the results, what is provided is years old, or they simply won’t provide them at all.

To me, that is a big red flag. There is a difference between saying oils are pure, and showing it. This was a huge reason why I chose doterra essential oils.

If you want to see how the essential oils you use check out, his website shares testing results from multiple essential oil companies. It is completely unbiased, and not affiliated with any essential oil company.

dōTERRA Focuses On Co-Impact Sourcing

Doterra uses a co-impact sourcing model to create mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and ensuring reliable income. The oils are sourced from over 45 countries, more than half of which are considered developing countries. This model means that the oils are sourced from their indigenous environments which increases the therapeutic benefits. Knowing this was a huge part of why I chose doterra.

“At dōTERRA, we don’t build farms, we build farmers.”

The farms are not owned by doterra, instead they work closely with small farmers. There is so much work done for the villages where doterra oils are grown, harvested, and distilled. Schools, medical facilities, and infrastructure necessary for clean water have been built. While the humanitarian efforts are incredible, what does this actually mean for the oils themselves?

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Where Your Oils Are Sourced Matters

Where your oils are sourced matters. Any beginner gardener could tell you that not all plants thrive in every environment. Same goes for the plants grown to produce your essential oils.

As an example, Doterra lavender is sourced in Bulgaria and the Provence region of France. The altitude at which it is grown results in the plant having high ester and sesquiterpene alcohol content. The same cannot be said for lavender essential sourced from that grown in North America.

I hope this gives you a clear picture of why I chose doterra essential oils. No matter what you choose, do your research! There is a lot of greenwashing out there, and it is so important to make a true informed decision.

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